Friday, December 12, 2008

Luxury Underfoot: Interview With Jerome C. Rousseau

Persee Bootie:
Rust suede with a 100mm gold leather heel

TWHS: What makes or breaks a woman's shoe choice?

Rousseau: The right shoe for a woman's outfit is actually effortless. How a women feels and presents herself (i.e. her clothes and attitude) are what really is behind a look. That being said, a woman knows what's best for her individual style.

TWHS: Out of all the music and movie starlets, who would you choose as a muse for a shoe design, and what would be the standout feature?

An incredible inspiration is the singer Elli of the 80's electro-pop duo Elli et Jacno. Her look was effortless, and there was a vulnerability about her. Another would be Kate Bush; a secluded English singer who had an unusual approach to style. For both, the shoe would have a distinctive, high heel, for they both had such unique styles. The shoe would be in rich colors, merged with textures.

TWHS: So the distinctive feature would be a statement heel?

Rousseau: Definitely!

TWHS: What is the number one shoe every woman should own in her collection?

The basic black pump is what everyone would expect. But the unexpected, frivolous, sexy- in other words, the "emotional" shoe!

TWHS: Out of all the icons, who would you consider to be the pioneer shoe designer?

Rousseau: Andre Perugia was the most incredible inventor of silhouettes, who began his innovative designs in France in the early 30's through the 60's.

TWHS: Are there any plans to open up Rousseau boutiques, either here in the states or abroad?

Rousseau: This has been quite a year; just this past February, I was launching my collection and presenting to buyers. So I feel very fortunate to have my passion translate to my luxury collection. For now, I am enjoying the collaborations with current boutiques who carry my shoes. As for my own boutique? In due time.

TWHS: Can I expect to see you at Mercedes Benz A/W '09?

Rousseau: Yes! Early February, I am scheduled to be there. I hope to meet you there!